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Please be sure your Java, Flash Player and Acrobat Reader are up to date or uninstalled if you don't use them.   There are critical security vulnerabilities (read: someone on the internet can take control of your machine) being patched weekly in all of these.

The current internet attack threat level is:

Of course, the internet threat level is always HIGH and it has been this way for years.

Because countless milions of home and business computers (including smart phones and e-readers) are infected with viruses, trojans and spyware.   This creates huge armies of hostile computers called 'botnets', often controlled by organized crime and ready and willing to launch attacks at any time.

Why again?
Because botnets can be used by hackers and those who pay them to attack and crash servers and networks (DDos attacks), to harvest email addresses, to generate and send spam, to host phishing sites which steal passwords and financial data and of course to scan for and infect even more PCs.

Why isn't this being stopped?
There is a lot of money to be made, it is hard to track the bad guys and many of the 'good guys' wont do anything to stop it.

What do you mean they 'wont' stop it?
Local internet service providers around the world have the capability to detect and block bot traffic and substantially reduce the bot problem, however they are instead allowing botnets to thrive.   They do this by NOT blocking and not suspending the accounts of virus infected customers.   Why?   Because suspending their customers reduces their income.

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As always, surf Safe!