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SRO Systems   Remote Assistance Software downloads
    Remote Assistance for Windows XP July 2009229kb
    Remote Assistance for Windows Vista July 2009323kb
    Remote Assistance for Windows 7 July 2015242kb
    Remote Assistance (Win 10 Beta) Nov 2015242kb
    Remote Assistance for Mac OSX (Intel) Nov 2012635kb
    Remote Assistance for Mac OSX (Power PC) Nov 2012245kb
  Right-click the relevant link above, select 'Save Link' or 'Save Target' from the menu and save the file to your desktop.   After downloading, double-click the 'SRO Support' icon on your desktop and select 'Run'.   When instructed, double-click the appropriate 'SRO support' line.
  Note: Remote screen sharing software may cause Windows or antimalware program to display a warning.   You must 'allow' our connection to continue.
Additional software downloads
    Microsoft Security Essentials (32-bit) Feb 20127.69MB
    Microsoft Security Essentials (64-bit) Feb 20129.69MB
    Process Explorer Feb 20124.55MB